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Every course earns an individual course certificate. Completion of all required and optional courses earns a diploma. Sample course completion certificate and a diploma certificate are shown below. (show the two slides below on the same web-page).

Successful course completion is based on the satisfactory passing of course review tests. There are numerous questions that need to be answered for every course (typically 70-150 questions). The tests are reviewed and graded online automatically. A minimum of 75% correct answers is required to earn the course certificate and the diploma certificate.

These certificates are excellent for upgrading your resume and maximizing the chances of getting a job in the fiercely competitive job market today.

Process control and automation are growing, new and high-demand areas. They are also well-paying areas. Possession of these certificates is very useful in getting a better job and advancing your career.
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AIAPC has been developing and selling software and technology and conducting training since 1990. All instructors at AIAPC have over 10-30 years of industrial practical process control experience and/or have PhD/MS degrees in engineering with process control specialization.
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