American Institue Of Automation & Process Control


At AIAPC we know and understand the challenges of being a student. When you are young, inexperienced and not had much time or no time working in industry, finances can be tight. Many conventional and traditional schools and colleges are very expensive and unaffordable to most people. Many expensive colleges result in you starting of with thousands of dollars of college debt that can be staggering, overwhelming and difficult.

AIAPC knows your needs and strives to provide you world class education at a low and affordable price.

All of the courses we offer cost in the range of US$185 to $485. This cost includes the training sessions, software used, review quizzes and tests, complete unlimited access to a live experienced instructor for tutoring and assistance, final course certificate or diploma and job placement assistance. You can also make payments using credit card or EFT and pay just US$49 per month and we charge a nominal 9% APR interest rate until all payment is covered. This way we reduce the payment stress and burden easily and you do not have to pay upfront.
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