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Operating Station Of DCS
AIAPC is pleased to announce the release and availability of the new and upgraded OPC training course (OLE for process control). This OPC500 course number is now available in the new, modern and increasingly popular online video course format. The OPC training comes with a lot of hands-on software-based training giving a very industrial feel. The best of all is that like all AIAPC courses, we cut out any needless academic or highly math-based stuff that is not useful in the practical control room environment and focus on imparting the max knowledge of useful practical items. This is one of the reasons why students call AIAPC the best technical training institute for industrial practical process control.
Also new for 2018, AIAPC will release a brand new modern course on cyber security and process control security. This course is a must for anyone working in the control room environment – operators, technicians, engineers, supervisors and managers. With several Fortune 100 and 500 companies getting attacked with various levels of severity, both cyber security awareness and process control security awareness are getting increasingly important. A small indiscretion by one naïve or ignorant individual could bring down the whole corporate level 3 controls network. Enroll for AIAPC’s cyber security and process control security courses today.
modern course on cyber security and process control security
software we use extensively for our PID tuning
And also very excitedly we are pleased to announce that PITOPS software from PiControl Solutions – – the software we use extensively for our PID tuning, primary process control and advanced control training will be expanded to handle ten process inputs. This gives AIAPC the power and ability to provide world class training in the area of MPC (model predictive control) maintenance for improve DMC and RMPCT control performance. More on this soon as we receive the new upgraded PITOPS and upgrade our MPC training.
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