American Institue Of Automation & Process Control


What makes AIAPC unique and more value added to you – the student or industry professional (trying to improve career opportunities in industrial process control) is that we are closely associated with actual industrial software and technology companies and also world-class process control research institutes. Our partners and advisers include:
As technology changes and improves, we are constantly upgrading our training courses with the help of our worldwide partners to make sure we are teaching and training the best and most up to date software, technology and theory. We have a list of experienced, acclaimed list of advisers from both industry and academia that constantly review our courses and advise us to make changes and upgrades. Our instructors and advisory body are comprised of experienced, talented, skilled and knowledgeable personnel exposed to both industry and academia and not just academia. This blend allows us to impart training that is very practical, hands-on, modern and thereby saving time by avoiding needless impractical and academic topics and focusing only on the most valued-added topics. Time is precious and within the limited frame of available time, we optimize the topics selected and the contents to provide you the very best training.
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