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Taking our courses offered by AIAPC will prepare you for getting exciting new high paying jobs in chemical plants and manufacturing factories and impart educational skills and knowledge not covered by any college, university or any continuing education programs.

State of Process Control Workforce

Many experienced engineers and technicians all over the world are about to retire during this decade. Numerous new plants being built worldwide. Several new engineers entering control rooms and numbers are projected to grow. Unprecedented new plant construction on US Gulf Coast, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. There are numerous new jobs and opportunities in process control field and also in process control academic research and consulting.

Process Control – Current State & Future Opportunities

Process control is often considered as a “peripheral” subject in all main engineering disciplines:

  • Chemical Engineering: Mass transfer, heat transfer, kinetics, thermos often overshadow chemical process control.
  • Turbomachinery, electrical machinery, power transmission etc.  often overshadow process control in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Process control is often treated like a special or niche area.  PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and DCSs (distributed control systems) are now in every plant.

Hardware and electronics training is available more easily.  But chemical process control skills are comparatively rare and present a unique future opportunity.

Chemical Process Control Field

Excellent industrial job opportunities exist in industrial process control arena. Also numerous exciting academic research opportunities are available n colleges and universities offering process control educational courses.

Control Room Skill Strength and Gap

Engineers and technicians in plant control rooms are well trained in:

  • Control System Hardware.
  • IT / ICT-type Software.
  • Vendor Software and Hardware – PLC, DCS, Computers, SCADA systems, Simulators.

Skills missing in the area of:

  • System Identification.
  • PID Tuning.
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) technology selection, design, tuning and commissioning.
  • Plant Safety and Reliability, Safe Procedure and Practices.
  • Practical aspects of APC (advanced process control) and MPC (model predictive control).
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