American Institue Of Automation & Process Control


AIAPC has been developing and selling software and technology and conducting training since 1990.

All instructors at AIAPC have over 10-30 years of industrial practical process control experience and/or have PhD/MS degrees in engineering with process control specialization.
AIAPC staff is well trained and experienced on practical aspects of industrial process control and hence well positioned for training and mentoring new process control students entering the chemical plant manufacturing environment.
AIAPC courses, software, training material and staff knowledge helps to quickly build knowledge and experience in a remarkably short time that would have otherwise taken much longer.

AIAPC courses waste no time on needless, impractical academic material taught in many schools and universities. Instead we focus on the exact and precise needs of the student and the industry. Time is precious, we need to focus on only those topics that will make you more valuable to industry and to get the most desired and fitting job matching your interest and objectives.

Industry needs well trained process control personnel today. Unfortunately, the current academic courses are not practical enough for high value and immediate application in the industrial control room environment. AIAPC goals and objectives are to help fill the void, help industry in getting trained and skilled process control personnel and also help new students in getting well paying industrial jobs.

Contact AIAPC today and start a new career or grow your current opportunities by utilizing our online flex study options in the comfort of your home or office with no travel and parking headaches. AIAPC uses the latest technology and makes studying and earning your course certificates and diploma very easy. Call AIAPC today.
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