Our courses are very practical, easy to understand for everyone: engineers, technicians, operators and students – both new and experienced.  That is why our customers consider us the best.

Our courses are more hands-on than any competitor.  Students download and install many process control software products on their personal laptops for use during the training.  The software products are full-blown industrial process control software applications used by the industry.  This level of hands-on approach tremendously aids the learning process and mastering the course theory and practicals (lab sessions).

We offer both classroom and online (web-based) training.  Classroom training is conducted in our training centers, at colleges, in hotel conference rooms and even at your plant-site or office location.

We use the most modern equipment and methodology for our online (web-based) training.  Participants see not only the training but also have the option of seeing the face of the instructor  . Use of modern web-based training makes our training more interesting and helps to focus on the training material.   Our web-based courses are not only very engaging and modern designed to keep your attention and keep you engaged but also offer complete flexibility regarding time and availability.  You can view half an hour today, an hour later while waiting somewhere and continue from your home or office.   If you get some emergency or are unavailable, no need to worry since you are completely independent and do not need to plan for being available at any specific time or day!

Our instructors have over 30 years industrial experience and training experience.  They not only have the technical knowledge but also skills to make sure participants are fully engaged and able to concentrate on the material.

Enroll in our training and see for yourself why customers feel our training is world-class and the very best.   At any time, you will have access to an experienced instructor ready to help you and answer your questions using live meeting (using GoToMeeting or Skype) or using email and phone.

Our complete list of courses is shown below:



Must complete all “Required” courses and take any two “Optional” courses in order to receive a diploma  . Complete Course Catalog & Course Syllabus
No. Course Number Course Name Software Used Number of PPTX slides Number of Hours of Video Course Type
1 PID100 Primary Process Control and PID Tuning PITOPS and SIMCET 235 7.5 Required
2 APC200 Advanced Process Control PITOPS and SIMCET 250 12.5 Required
3 MON300 Control Quality Monitoring PiOPC Server and APROMON 230 7 Required
4 STA100 Applied Statistics Excel and Other Tools 355 8 Required
5 DCS400 Distributed Control Systems (DCS) SIMCET and PLC Simulator (future) 235 7 Required
6 OPC500 OPC (OLE for Process Control) Communications PiBridge, PiOPC Server, PiLogger 225 7.5 Required
7 PCN550 Level 3 Process Control Networks PiBridge, PiOPC Server, PiLogger 215 6 Required
8 SEC600 Process Control Security & Cyber Security None 275 6 Required
9 PLC475 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) PLC simulator N/A 12 Required
10 APC275 Control Scheme Implementation None 315 7 Required
11 MPC700 MPC Design and Maintenance None 280 6.5 Optional
12 APC270 Advanced Transfer Function Dynamics Identification PITOPS 125 6 Optional
13 PLT110 Industrial Safety – Plant Operations and Process Control None 210 3.33 Optional
14 MTE075 Modern Technical English for Engineers and Technicians None 375 7 Optional